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28 July 2018

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 APE
21.35 Tayne
20.45 Deltaviolin
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From the flames of erstwhile Oxford metal titans, Annero, APE rises. A Pretentious Experiment, embracing everything from noise music to thrash metal, old skool rock to nu metal and grindcore, and a bit of jazz and funk to boot.   They've got a track called "The Mental And Possessed".  Yep, that pretty sums it up.
Tayne is a London-based experimental noise pop outfit whose music is an aural assault that welds moody, atmospheric vocals, punishing guitars and overwhelming electronics to pulsating rhythms creating an intense listening experience.  Check out their lipstick-smeared YouTube videos for some proper EBM/industrial pop action.
Ben Heaney has added sweet fiddle licks to Oxford country acts such as The Great Western Tears, and that’s just great, but solo he’s a very different beast indeed, wresting unexpected noises from his four strings, sometimes other-worldy, sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening, sometimes like acid in your eardrums. “He picks up a 1958 Leo Fender first model electric violin and explores the outer reaches of the instrument’s sounds, to the point it barely sounds like a violin at all. Instead, as on ‘Ghost Notes’, all eerie pulses, drones, swirls and a strange aural itching, it sounds like a coded distress call from a dying star, while the abrasive, atonal industrial dark ambience of ‘Book of Quarts’ might be Nash the Slash attempting a Steve Reich piece and deliberately getting it all mangled up.” Nightshift, Demo of the Month.
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