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23 February 2019

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£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Means of Production
21.20 Cynthia’s Periscope
20.30 Lina Simon
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Means of Production
“A synthophile’s wet dream, Means of Production captured the raw futuristic primitivism of 70s synth-pop, and welded it to acid house, Tim and Jeremy Day’s most recent single [‘The Depths’] sounding like someone locked Depeche Mode and A Guy Called Gerald in a cold war bunker and told them they couldn’t come out till they’d made something that resembled genius.  This stark, monochrome slice of silicon soprcery proves they succeeded” Nightshift (Top 10 tracks of 2018).
Cynthia’s Periscope
Manchester-based confessional weirdo electronica pop varying from melodic and tender to brutal and cathartic. "One of Manchester's finest purveyors of art synth. Mixing punk, electropop and metal bashing among all manner of things, it's catchy and pleasant one minute and terrifying the next." -;
"A wonderful fusion of the melodic and the occasionally macabre, a tricky, trippy sound that nods towards the dancefloor but also has a cerebral, emotive and soul-purging quality to it vocally and lyrically that you don’t often come across in electronica." Analogue Trash
Lina Simon
LIna has not been seen much on Oxford stages for a while, but she was one of the members of The Edmund Fitzgerald, legendarily awesome Ox-band who morphed into the mighty Foals.  Now she’s back proffering eclectic pop with elements of 80’s synth sounds, pop infused guitars and melodious ethereal vocals. “The Kraftwerk-y ‘Jitter’ and ‘Words’ [take] Depeche Mode for a cruise along a midnight highway to Mazy Star’s house, all swirling synths, electronic beats and dispassionately ethereal vocals.  Elsewhere Lina creates a crepuscular mood on tracks like ‘Armour’ and ‘Flowers’, mixing a little trip hop and looped guitar into her softly doomy soundscapes, the icicle effects and rumbling bass synth of ‘Flowers’ copming on like a lost John Carpenter soundtrack, while ‘Armour’ is almost like a lo-fi electro-pop Chelsea Wolfe” Nightshift (Demo of the Month)
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