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27 August 2016

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 The Quentins
21.35 Blushes
20.45 Rose Segal
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The Quentins
Lots of people know Oxford’s prog maestros The Aureate Act, but not so many people know that a couple of them are also in a spicy new wave/indie band called The Quentins who are equally kicking.  Chiming, bouncy, occasionally dirty-ass funky, this is a cracking band with whom to spend a humid summer night.
Blushes are an Aylesbury act who claim they spread “Marmitey feelings”.  If they mean people love them or hate them, we think they’re half right: who could hate this lovely urban-tinged indie pop, which feels like a sun-drenched drive along an open highway and a refreshing spring rain in an English meadow simultaneously?
Rose Segal
Gorgeous acoustic songs that ooze positivity and charm from Rose, backed with some jazz-inflected double bass and percussion.  If you like your music feather-light and poetic, look no further, pull up a passing cloud, and enjoy.
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