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28 April 2018

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Order#227
21.35 Graves
20.45 Repercussions of Yesterday
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Order#227 is a no-nonsense, traditional punk/hardcore band inspired by the likes of the Ruts, the Pistols, and the Exploited, boasting the rhythm section form the late, lamented Junkie Brush – though they are harder, sharper and a damn sight angrier than the old act might suggest.  A refreshingly politicised act, Order#227 prick your conscience by shining a spotlight back at society and adding cutting social commentary delivered with relentless, aggressive, powerful anthems. Order#227 is an absolute must-see band for those who love their music raw and enjoy walking away into the night feeling sweaty, battered and bruised but moved to think about the world we live in today.
Graves are a 4 piece furious death rock band based in London, throwing out gothic undertones and shredding to foretell the apocalypse.  Their latest release Paralser (sic) takes us on a psychobilly tumble through a dirty, drunken, possibly paranormal Saturday night, with titles like The Thing and Obnoxious.  The collection ends with a throat-scouring tune called Six – why not play it three times in a row for the full Satanic effect?
Repercussions of Yesterday
ROY (who is not called Roy) is a one-man noise machine whose long career lowering spirits and letting in the dark has seen him trudge a path from death metal to doom.  “He churns out a portentous half hour of chain gang clang and demonic growls, sometimes rising from his lava flow dirge to crank up the death side of his sound” – Nightshift.
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