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21 December 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£5.00, £4.00 advance
22.15 Ghosts In The Photographs
21.30 Grudgewood
20.45 Ciphers
20.00 My Crooked Teeth
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Ghosts In The Photographs
“They balance delicacy and power astutely, slow-burn crescendos building to wig-out climaxes that owe plenty to Mogwai but also to Ride’s earliest noise explosions with their blizzards of glissando...tension, velocity and heaviness pile up as they bulldoze to an excoriating dirge” Nightshift
Instrumental rock from newish trio Grudgewood, featuring musicians who have previously trodden the Gappy boards as part of Junkie Brush and Drunkenstein.  However, Grudgewood are more subtle and less silly than those acts respectively, making a post-rock prog version of classic meaty rock, that’s almost like Primus if they swapped the smut for extra bassface and 70s rock grooves.
"Those who arrive early tonight get a real treat, an opportunity to tour Ciphers’ charred cathedral of dark-hearted pop.  The first number moves from the brooding menace of Mezzanine-era Massive Attack to the melodic ire of Skunk Anansie, and the set blossoms like les fleurs du mal from thereon.  The sound is vast, but there’s still space for intricately interlocking guitars and chunky unfunk bass a la 23 Skidoo.  A new but deeply intriguing band" Nightshift
My Crooked Teeth
My Crooked Teeth is the Gappy-suitable moniker of Oxford songwriter Jack Olchawski.  A constant presence on the UK underground music community, My Crooked Teeth has shared a stage with the likes of Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads), Cattle & Cain, My Darling Clementine, Lanterns on the Lake, Ags Connolly, Ciaran Lavery, Angaleena Presley (of the Pistol Annies), and Slow Down Molasses.  Described as “the truest of troubadours” by BBC Introducing, My Crooked Teeth also featured in the “Top Ten Bands from Oxford” list by Bring The Noise.
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