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27 April 2019

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£4.50, £3.50 advance
Gappy Tooth Industries celebrates a 200th evening of sonic delight with a typically varied and mouthwatering bill.
22.10 Mobius
21.20 Deathly Pale Party
20.30 Knobblehead
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“’Bite My Hand’ sounds like it’s wearing shades indoors and has an unfiltered cigarette drooping from its fingertips as its simple pulsing wandering bass takes it into Bauhaus territory while the singer conjures up the spirit of The National’s Matt Berninger.  ‘Omnipotence’ is even more dramatically gothic, spares yet OTT vocals full of Hammer Horror theatricality, the clanging rhythms awash with malevolence as the guitar glissando scours any chinks of light from the room” Nightshift, Demo of the Month.  So, basically, this, but with extra violin.
Deathly Pale Party
A spectral Worcester duo whose evocative wisps of sound will make you wonder whether the ‘Sheaf engineer has used DI boxes or Ouija boards.  Decribed by SLAP Magazine as “ghostly waltzes and chamber dirges” and by themselves as “cinematic neon horror electronica “ (except all in capitals), this is one for fans of Cocteau Twins, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, Broadcast, and The Witchcraft Act of 1735,
By contrast, new act Knobblehead simply describe themselves as “tambourine enthusiasts”.  Well, it’s possible, a septet is a cosy squeeze at the Sheaf, so they may take turns rattling rings offstage.  Thankfully, Impakter magazine was on hand to supply the more useful description “psych rock cacophony”.  However, whilst Knobblehead do recall the golden days of lofi psych rock, all endless improvisations, swirly FX, drugs by the punnetful and atrocious school book doodle artwork, they are also capable of quite lovely shoegaze-influenced melodious beauty.  We don’t hyet know whether this set wil be a bunch of lovely pop tunes, a 35 minutes one chord jam or a queue of people taking turns to waggle a tambourine and giggle inanely, but it’s going to be worth the effort.
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