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29 June 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Starbelly
21.20 Peter Cat
20.30 Emma Hunter
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Raucous red wine-fuelled glam-punk daydreamers Starbelly deliver chainsaw riffs and fairytales to a tribal drum carnivale, and will return to this gig after a wee hiatus with a bran new bass twanger.  If you want serrated goth pop spellcasting – and we’d be disappointed in you if you didn’t – then you’ll want to check out their music - or, why not go to their website to see lots of pictures of stars drawn on, err, retrospect we should have predicted that.
Peter Cat
OK, first things first, if you send us an email sayting “we’d like to play Gappy Tooth, toot toot, I am not a clarinettist” along with a photo of yourself playing the clarinet, at the very least you know we’ll dive in and listen to your tracks.  Luckily, if you’re able to offer outstanding quirkpop like Glasgow’s Peter Cat, you also get snapped up post haste, and we’re very happy to host the feline freaks on the last night of their tour.  “Irreverent and smart pop music in the mould of Neil Hannon, Jarvis Cocker, Luke Haines, with a sprinkling of Scott Walker...[Peter Cat] casts a wry eye over the world, and is then moved to make music to match” Scots Whay Hae!  "An alluring melange of Momus, The Callstore, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand and some other alchemy which somehow makes it sound very now" Is This Music? "Catchy, bizarro indie-pop with a flash of glam and a wry, observant lyricism that’ll have fans of Sparks, Talking Heads and Franz Ferdinand clambering over one another in excitement" Northern Transmissions
Emma Hunter
If Starbelly have been on hiatus, Emma Hunter has been in the wilderness for quite some time.  You may have seen her on the Tooth stage fronting The Halcyons or AmberState, but now she’s back, with a drummer, a loop pedal, a guitar and a clutch of new tunes.  Fear not, though, the lovely, smoky jazz-nudged voice is stil present and correct.  Do yourselves a favour and seek out the lovely Nick Cave bubblegum that is  “Sun Blood”.
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