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27 January 2018

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Freemantle
21.35 Rat The Magnificent
20.45 Earinade
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You like psychedelia?  You like shoegaze?  You like dream pop?  You like Tame Impala, Slowdive, Ulrika Spacek, Ringo Deathstarr and Pink Floyd?  you like feeling as though your brain is evaporating into strobing mist whilst humming a good tune?  You'll like Freemantle, then, we'll wager.
Rat The Magnificent
Rat The Magnificent are a wine-based power quartet from South London, wine wine wine.  A mix of obstinacy, wine and oblivion, this vox/geetar/geetar/bass/drum unit raised in Dorset have been blasting out out for a year now, and their Venn diagram would include The Jesus Lizard, Sally Bowles, MBV, Slint and Son House.  They feature ex-members of Art Brut, as well as GTI alumni Sunshine Republic and Brenda (for those with phenomenal memories).  Wine.
A melancholic punk pop band, who sprang from the ashes of 2015 GTI performers Hot Hooves (plus about a thousand other great bands over the past 30 years), Earinade deal in mordant wit and a strange love/hate relationship with pop that leads them to title their album Musical & Personal Differences, whilst still penning tunes that will pitch camp in your head for days.
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