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25 January 2020

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Jackdaw With Crowbar
21.20 Moth Drop
20.30 Bruno Muerte
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Jackdaw With Crowbar
Multimedia punk techno cabaret, beloved of St John Peel.  Expect costumes, projections, politics and squonky beats.  “The best thing to come out of Leamington since the Grand Union Canal” – Stewart Lee.  “Sleaford Mods jamming it out with Suicide” – Nightshift.  “Surreal. And theatrical, danceable, entertaining, original, massively prepared, funny, political, engaging, insightful, weird, random, scathing, observant, and awash with imagery” – Daily Info.  “Hell f*cking yes! Jackdaw and Crowbar are savages. I loved every second of it” – Ovada Gallery, Oxford.
Moth Drop
Moth Drop is Brendan from filthy grunge-guzzlers Grub, in solo electronica guise.  After a good grubbing, Moth Drop’s music is surprisingly warm and melodic, all simple yet elegant techno sketches.  “If, like me, you have shelves full of Andrew Weatherall, DJ Harvey and David Holmes remixes, this will be right up your far out, psych-ametaphysical alley” – Nightshift.
Bruno Muerte
Stefano Maio is better known to Gappynauts as the drum machine maestro in Moogieman & The Masochists, but in Bruno Muerte – named after a drunken Italian undertaker – he has teamed up with guitarist Roberto Bini to produce soaring instrumental music which uses bold motifs to produce high drama.  If you’re a fan of Tangerine Dream’s 80s soundtrack work, this is the duo for you.
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