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15 December 2018

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£5.00, £4.00 advance
22.45 The Easter Island Statues
22.00 Tall Poppies
21.15 Daisy
20.30 Moogieman & The Masochists
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The Easter Island Statues
Tall Poppies
London’s Tall Poppies were probably mad in some sort of inspired pop laboratory.  We imagine a crazed tune professor took a base of indie, added essence of Supremes and tincture of Sparks, distilled it in a violin and then sprayed the concoction around like a Grand Prix victor, and Tall Poppies coalesced right there.  “Their original and slightly skewed approach to songwriting caught my attention” Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music; Upbeat but humorously dark, and not short of passion, wonderfully catchy indie pop” The Guardian.
Oxford’s act most able to balance dark, emo soul scouring with ear-tickling tunes, Daisy has recently had a line-up change, and is now a better proposition than ever.  As well as boasting Ali Stores from Holy Moments and Luke Allmond from Worry, they boast a satchel of Velcro-catchy songs.  “The new quartet is tight but light on its feet, decorating emo-pop tunes with mathy curlicues and post-rock textures.  There’s still a little darkness in the lyrics though: the new songs have more obvious hooks, but they hide plenty of barbs” Nightshift.
Moogieman & The Masochists
Described as ‘a little explosion of fuzzy geek pop oddness,’ by BBC Introducing’s Dave Gilyeat, Moogieman specialises in psychedelic-tinged new wave and performs live with his backing band, The Masochists, consisting of Vincent Lynch on bass, Claire LeMaster on synths/samplers/drum machine, Stefano Maio on stand-up drums/percussion/guitar, and Clare Heaviside on saxophone.  Sounds like: Television Personalities, Magnetic Fields, The Modern Lovers, The Human League, Olivia Tremor Control, early Pink Floyd.  “Idiosyncratic but heartfelt vocals bring to mind Syd Barrett at times; there’s a stripped-down, wayward post-punk spirit about the sound” Nightshift. “These are songs that can burst your heart into a thousand sentimental pieces” Oxfordshire Music Scene.
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