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28 September 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Grudgewood
21.20 Out Ink
20.30 Oxford Sound Archive
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>Instrumental rock from a newish trio, featuring musicians who have previously trodden the Gappy boards as part of Junkie Brush and Drunkenstein.  However, Grudgewood are more subtle and less silly than those acts respectively, making a post-rock prog version of classic meaty rock, that’s almost like Primus if they swapped the smut for extra bassface and 70s rock grooves.
Out Ink
A Sheffield-based abstract jazz-rock quintet whose sound is here angular and abrasive, there soft and reflective, over there irreverent and playful, everywhere unpredictable.  Reminds us us Albert Ayler trying to emulate the whole of the No New York compilation at once.  We don’t often fall back on simply listing the influences ona  band’s Facebook page, but when they note King Crimons, Can, Neu!, Beefheart and The Bad Plus, we can’t help ourselves.
Oxford Sound Archive
OSA is a new project from Nigel Firth, 50% of hugely missed Gappy alumni Vienna Ditto. “Plenty of acts on today’s bill, especially the spoken word artists, are gnomic, but Nigel’s the only one who’s gnomelike, sitting cross-legged behind a coffee table of teetering gadgets, and giggling quietly like he’s just got the jokes in Alice In Wonderland. His messy, but euphoric electronica has the glowing warmth of Pete Namlook, the ludic lo-fi chutzpah of Aqua Regia, and the sleek insistence of Hardfloor.  It’s enjoyably unpretentious, but when a Bollywood spectre starts to haunt a scrapbook jungle collage, it’s actually rather lovely too” – Nightshift, Oddball Festival review
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