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24 November 2018

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Juniper Nights
21.35 Hot Sauce Pony
20.45 The Dollymops
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Juniper Nights
Juniper Nights, named after an episode of Black Mirror, are heavily influenced by a number of British rock bands such as Radiohead, Elbow, and Alt-J. Their style often varies significantly between songs, from sombre and textural to grungy guitar-rock, with dark undertones being the underlying theme. Whilst their music is primarily guitar-based, they often experiment with other sounds, inspired by the works of trip hop and electronic artists such as Aphex Twin, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Unkle.
Hot Sauce Pony
Like a spider that injects woozy good-time drugs into an insect as it eats it alive, Hot Sauce Pony’s sweet-voiced rock that suffocates as it seduces, sounding like Julee Cruise playing poker with Stereolab at a Sunn0))) concert.  They’ve recorded with Steve Albini and tourd with Fonda 500, which sums up their mixture of sonic seriousness and compositional silliness.  “Recalling the sludgier sound of one of my long gone Chicago underground faves, Tar, the track opens with a pummelling bassline.  You expect Ozzy to come howling in, but with less than a minute to go instead you get Caroline Gilchrist with a disdainful coo, sashaying around in the muck.” Soundblab
The Dollymops
Some bands write some florid, and frankly embarrassing, biogs on their websites.  The Dollymops’ Soundcloud page simply says “BEST BAND IN OXFORD”, which is the sort of terse youthful bio we like to see.  Their indie-punk sound isn’t dissimilar, full of snot and sneer, whilst frenetically rocking through frenzied songs hell for vegan leather substitute.”You almost wonder if Edwyn Collins has been drafted in as a guest vocalist, such is the resonance of the whole Postcard Records movement. Not that The Dollymops’ songs are a pale imitation though; middle track of the three, ‘Romantic Mantras’, is a real stunner” Nightshift EP review.
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