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29 February 2020

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Brite Spires
21.20 Hoax Parade
20.30 The Valiant Efforts
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Brite Spires
A new band, best described as electropop without the synths – come and unravel this paradox with us at the gig.” Fronted by the dynamic Clare Violet, the band are the antidote to a scene stuffed full of identikit indie bands and predictably generic pop. While relative newcomers, Brite Spires have already made a splash, with a thumbs up by this newspaper, a Demo of the Month in Oxford’s esteemed free music mag Nightshift, and the support of Dave Gilyeat of BBC Introducing in Oxford.” This from Oxford Mail, who go on to liken the band to Depeche Mode, New Order, St Etienne, Blossoms, St Vincent and Wolf Alice.
Hoax Parade
When Hoax Parade got in touch, they informed us they were from Frome, Westbury and Trowbridge, which is the sort of geographical specificity we appreciate. Their music is similarly broadly ranging, taking in C86 melodic sweetness, fuzzy indie incandescence, and college rock oddity. Regardless of where they’ve travelled from, let’s give them a warm welcome at the Wheatsheaf.
The Valiant Efforts
Yonks ago we featured a band called Earnest Cox at Gappy Tooth, a charming yet barbed pop monster one of whose tracks can still be heard on our second Best Of Gappy mix on our Mixcloud site. Now, many of the members have started this new band, with the same pop nouse and lyrical incisiveness.  Don’t be fooled by the ironically understated name, we fully expect this to be a delicate pop masterclass.
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