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26 January 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 The Overload
21.35 Hatepenny
20.45 Phat Cardinals
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The Overload
This summary could just say “best new band in Oxford” 17 times, but just to show it’s not just our opinion, we’ll quote Nightshift:  “Shaven-headed frontman Arthur Osofksy stalks onstage and opens the show with some deadpan poetry about frozen food like some offspring of John Cooper Clarke before the band crank out tight, punked-up krautrock rhythms over which he hectors the audience, a swaggering mix of attitude and nervous energy.  Early reports likened them to Sleaford Mods and there’s a similar sense of disgust at the world in the words, but really they’re closer to Squirrel and G-Man-era Happy Mondays, particularly “Lucky Man”.  Hands in pockets, reading his rhymes form a crib sheet, Osofsky has an air of chaos about him, matched at time by the band who can switch from meandering Crazy Horse-style riffs into militant, staccato punk, throwing paint splatters of The Fall, The Sex Pistols and even Crass into the mix”.
Once three, Hatepenny are now two men with a pair of sticks, a short scale bass and the occasional Microbrute interlude. They write songs about hypocrisy, stupidity, treachery and rainbows. Live, they'll always try to stove the back of your head in, but kiss it better afterwards, because they're nice like that.  L:ike a distillation of a whole McCluskey album one of their songs drips with acid but has a sly wink underpinning the vitriol – plus, who can resist albums called Animal Smarm and Punk Rock Sex Tourist. Eh?
Phat Cardinals
Mr Crutch Fungus, Mr Horse, Mr Flop Flop and Mr Awesome.  The names of Phat Cardinals’ members should be enough to entice you on their own, but just in case, let us assure you they make a horrible, greasy, perverse surf rock, that might make even The Cramps start eyeing the door nervously.  So that’s euphoria, repulsion and – if you’re very lucky – a raffle.
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