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17 December 2016

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£5.00, £4.00 advance
22.45 Kanadia
22.00 The Balkan Wanderers
21.15 The Pink Diamond Revue
20.30 Charlie Leavy
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Despite being a relatively new band to Oxford, having relocated from Devon, Kanadia have already impressed enough to have played the 2016 Nightshift Punt festival, hooked up with the excellent All Will Be Well Records, and been tipped as band to watch by The Wheatsheaf’s in-house engineer, as well as a hundred gig-goers.  Theirs is big-boned pop music that comes to you with open arms.  It’s half smooth 80s confection and half vast stadium chorus euphoria, and it’s all pure 2016.  Get on it now.
The Balkan Wanderers
Not only does this band boast one of our favourite punning names in recent times, but they are also adept at turning a group of random audience members into a frugging ball of euphoria.  They take East European folk, add a little 80s indie bookishness and a lot of energy.  With members hailing from the UK and Croatia, they merge klezmer clarinet effortlessly to pop melodies and punky rhythms, and this has seen them come to the attention of BBC Oxford and Oxford Contemporary Music..all this plus we once saw them send a pair of sherry-swigging drunks into paroxysms of joy in Oxford centre one Sunday afternoon...Plus they’ve played the Punt as well.
The Pink Diamond Revue
A Reading/London duo of synth rock confectioners, master chocolatiers of the electric pop groove, if you will.  “The idea of a two piece instrumental band playing music that blends darkwave washes with 50‘s reverb guitar twangs and psychedelic sound effects might sound like a bit of a challenge but believe me it doesn’t take long for it to grow on you, provided you are able to open your mind to the musical possibilities on offer. In an era when videos seem to have come to have been regarded as works of art in their own right, “Weird Love” is a revelation. It is a calling card for the band, an invitation to dive down the rabbit hole into their warped acid trip” – Greenman Music.  Theirs is a world where ‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house in a baggy-punk rathole somewhere in Interzone.
Charlie Leavy
A young singer who splits her time between her native Hook Norton and Leeds, and who splits her phenomenal musical talent between elegant folky tunes and K-Pop euphoria.  “Reminds me of a young Kate Bush” BBC; “Relentlessly upbeat, one great song follows another, catchy tunes with straightforward yet personal lyrics like the poignant ‘Tongue Tied’” Nightshift; “Man, the voice, the songwriting, the music, it’s all so mature, so age-weathered, so, so  . . . so damn perfect” The Ripple Effect.  Oh, and, she’s played the Punt, natch.
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