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28 June 2024

Common Ground Show map
£5.00 door (cash only), £4.00 advance
22.00 Octavia Freud & The Weird Sisters
21.10 Voxish
20.20 Simon Veaney
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Octavia Freud & The Weird Sisters
Martin Andrews, AKA Octavia Freud, is Oxford's best creator of bright, brash electropop. In 2024 he has created the music to Mancbeth, a stage show resetting the story of Macbeth in – you guessed it – Manchester. This gig is one of only a handful of opportunities to hear the Mancbeth music outside of the theatre, in a show that will feature the excellent vocal contributions of Emma Hunter, Mila Todd, and Cat DeBu form The Subtheory. Praise for Octavia's Land Ahoy album: "Rich in variety, intelligence, wit, and most importantly, tunes" Nightshift; "An exceptional LP that your collection is incomplete without" Oxfordshire Music Scene
To sit alongside that, we just had to book a Manchester act, and we plumped for the chunky glitchtronica of Voxish (not least because they're named after a Fall track title). Check out The Groaning, an EP based on twisted Kate Bush samples, for some of their self-christened "Northern breakdark" sound. "Delivers an abstract affair of massive bass, wobbly monsters and mechanical, gritty vibes. And what vibes! I get cyberpunk underworld images in my mind (yes I'm a sci-fi goon) of a busy dark side street with off-market activities. And it's raining. Of course." BeatRadar.com
Simon Veaney
We start with something more organic, but equally dark in hue. Cave-influenced songwriter Simon Veaney impressed many with his set at December's In A Different Place festival – so much so that he recruited an admirer from the audience to expand his band to a trio! If you thought that Voxish describe themselves well, then get ready for Simon's claim to sound like he's "leading a ghost mariachi band through a city on fire". "Sparse lovelorn lullabies come on like Tindersticks with a kick of turbulence at times" - Nightshift review of said IADP set.


Our gigs are often highly eclectic, so there might be a wide variety of punters in our little venue. We want everyone to have a good time, so relax, express yourself and have a good gig, but be thoughtful of other people and don't ruin their night with your fun. Basically, just be considerate and nice, and everyone will be happy.
Naturally, anyone who is actively aggressive, or who abuses anyone else on the grounds of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Monster Munch flavour preference, or whatever the hell else might make a bigot irrationally angry, is out the door.


In return, we'll make every effort to create a warm and pleasant environment, and we'll try our hardest to keep to the timetable (music starts at approximately 20.00, and will go on till about 22.15). Also, we've kept the door price as low as we can, but rest assured that GTI is a non-profit event, and all the money after expenses goes to the performers.