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26 April 2024

Common Ground Show map
£5.00 door (TBC - cash only), £4.00 advance

We have moved! Please note the new venue and the new day, Gappy Tooth's new home is at the Common Ground Cafe in Little Clarendon Street and we are now on the last Friday of the month.

22.00 The Kokroachez
21.10 The Jerichos
20.20 N:SH
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The Kokroachez
We've been chatting to The Kokroachez about a gig for yonks, but we were waiting until they were all 18 before booking them – but as soon as we knew we were moving to a venue with a different licence we leapt to have their spiky, energetic, indie rock sound in the Gappy family. "Potential to be the next Supergrass" Melting Pot Radio. "A cracking young band with a kickass front woman and a bright future" BBC Oxford.
The Jerichos
Led by Julian Wagstaff, The Jerichos are a bouncy pop project with a slight hip-hop edge, which might entice fans of Gorillaz or Tame Impala. They rather delightfully call their varied, mixed-up sound "surf and turf for the ears", and their recent Leo EP brings a little tropical glow to warm things up. And, as we're at the north end of town nowadays, the apposite band name was a bonus!
N:SH is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter whose sound can leap from a soft ambient hum to a rousing vocal, and his music is as likely to be artfully textural as it is to be catchily melodic. He has a broad range of influences, including The Smile, Sigu Ros, Ben Harper, The National, and Damien Rice.


Our gigs are often highly eclectic, so there might be a wide variety of punters in our little venue. We want everyone to have a good time, so relax, express yourself and have a good gig, but be thoughtful of other people and don't ruin their night with your fun. Basically, just be considerate and nice, and everyone will be happy.
Naturally, anyone who is actively aggressive, or who abuses anyone else on the grounds of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Monster Munch flavour preference, or whatever the hell else might make a bigot irrationally angry, is out the door.


In return, we'll make every effort to create a warm and pleasant environment, and we'll try our hardest to keep to the timetable (music starts at approximately 20.00, and will go on till about 22.15). Also, we've kept the door price as low as we can, but rest assured that GTI is a non-profit event, and all the money after expenses goes to the performers.


Our venue is a small, unventilated room, at the top of a pretty steep flight of stairs, so please bear these facts in mind when considering buying tickets (and sorry to anyone whom this excludes). We do have some folding chairs available for anyone who would have trouble standing for the duration of the concert, so please ask at the door if you require one.
Also, as our venue is part of a pub, attendees and performers must be 18+.