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26 July 2024

Common Ground Show map
£5.00 door (cash only), £4.00 advance
22.00 Groove Driver
21.10 Zeo Zeonardo
20.20 iiis
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Groove Driver
New Thame jazz-funk jam quintet Groove Driver will bring the, err, driving grooves to this event. With fluent sax, keys, and guitar over a tight, bouncy rhythm section, they are a must for fans of Herbie Hancock, The Meters, Weather Report, or breaking a sweat and wearing out shoe leather on the dancefloor.
Zeo Zeonardo
Zeonardo hails from Wolverhampton, but we prefer to think of him as benevolent rules of a lyrical shogunate, wielding words that are deadly weapons but brining peace. His neogrime flow is a thing of wonder, as best evidenced by his popular livestreams. He also teaches hip hop skills to youngsters by day, and we're sure that after the gig he'll leave us both educated and picking our jaws from the floor.
New Oxford trio iiis make woozy indie music to lull you into a dreamy state of relaxation. Formed in 2023 and influenced by bands such as Low, PJ Harvey and Sigur Ros, their music is a mixture of shoegaze haze and textural pop, which managed to charm BBC Introducing in Oxfordshire & Berkshire to interview them before tehy'd even played their debut gig. Featuring the talents of GTI alumnae, Helen Pearson and Caroline Low (whom we last saw as bassist in Mamzer), thir sound is bound to weave a spell. Oh, and incidentally it's pronounced "eyes".


Our gigs are often highly eclectic, so there might be a wide variety of punters in our little venue. We want everyone to have a good time, so relax, express yourself and have a good gig, but be thoughtful of other people and don't ruin their night with your fun. Basically, just be considerate and nice, and everyone will be happy.
Naturally, anyone who is actively aggressive, or who abuses anyone else on the grounds of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Monster Munch flavour preference, or whatever the hell else might make a bigot irrationally angry, is out the door.


In return, we'll make every effort to create a warm and pleasant environment, and we'll try our hardest to keep to the timetable (music starts at approximately 20.00, and will go on till about 22.15). Also, we've kept the door price as low as we can, but rest assured that GTI is a non-profit event, and all the money after expenses goes to the performers.