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25 February 2023

£5.00 door (cash only), £4.00 advance
21.40 Spank Hair
20.50 Dead Patrons
20.00 Pea Sea
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Spank Hair
"Just another twinkly emo band" they claim, but the gig-going public in Oxford know that's not true, and have come to rely on Spank Hair for reliable supports to touring acts, and some cracking tunes (including a paean to skater Tony hawk, which could only be better if it were about stutter-rapping fridge-lugger Tony Hawks).  "Delicate almost mathsy spangle coupled with outbursts of anthemic noise" Nightshift.  "Twinkle, hooks and a bit of edge" Surface Noise
Dead Patrons
New London band Dead Patrons deal in melodic slightly grungy intensity that can be sinister and euphoric within the same verse.  "Haunting guitar layers inject this jaw-dropper with edgy electricity, grim vocals add a kind of dark tension, while the sickly catchy groove rattles on and on, before a surprising finish with a weeping violin" Turn Up The Volume.  "[The] heavy alt four piece are inspired by a wide mixture of influences from Deerhunter to Subtle to Bowie. The members have created a war chest of songs that demand the listener's attention." American Pancake.  Plus their recent single Lover features the legend terry Edwards on horns, and comedian Seann Walsh doing his best drunk eyes in the video.
Pea Sea
Started in 1997, in Gretna, Scotland, Pea Sea is the moniker that Chris Rollen uses for his solo musical output. After time in Newcastle, London, and Berlin, he recently relocated to Oxford, and we're ecstatic to welcome his quirky oddball pop tunes to the Port.  He has been championed by Maximo Park and The Futureheads, as well as notching up aMarc Riley session, and he's even made music with members Field Music.


Unless national obligations change, we will not be asking for proof of vaccination or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test on the door. We ask that people stay home if they feel unwell, or if they've had a positive test (we'll be undertaking lateral flow tests ourselves prior to every gig). We want to continue to ensure that our events are relaxed affairs, whilst being sensible about managing the risk.
Of course, some people will not feel ready to come to a small venue yet, and we understand - hopefully we'll see you again in the not too distant future.
Naturally, we will revise this policy should the UK government introduce further regulations.
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