Gappy Tooth Industries
Past Events

Winter Warmer 2005 (2 December 2005)
November Gappy Tooth (25 November 2005)
Modek, Gone To Ground, Pat Fish & Raggasaurus
October Gappy Tooth (28 October 2005)
Brightside Photography, The Mules, 3 Blind Mice & Mark Abis
September Gappy Tooth (30 September 2005)
Zita Joyce, Harry Angel, Tounsi & Steve Larkin
August Gappy Tooth (26 August 2005)
Kohoutek, Anton Barbeau & Lum Col Con Pix (photos)
July Gappy Tooth (29 July 2005)
The Drugsquad, The Nailbomb Cults & Micheal Berk (photos)
June Gappy Tooth (24 June 2005)
The Treat, Rusty Sheriff & Simon Davies (photos)
May Gappy Tooth (27 May 2005)
Zero Point Field, Whiskycats & Fork (photos)
April Gappy Tooth (29 April 2005)
The Epstein, Eskimo Disco & numbernine (photos)
March Gappy Tooth (25 March 2005)
Soul Beaver, Chantelle Pike & Twizz Twangle (photos)
February Gappy Tooth (25 February 2005)
Domes Of Silence, Earnest Cox & Mark Bosley (photos)
January Gappy Tooth (28 January 2005)
The Family Machine, Bonemachine & Airport Tigers (photos)
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